Diversity & Inclusion

Our Approach to Diversity & Inclusion

~Realizing “Japan's most admired company in Japan” where everyone can play an active role~

We will draw out the abilities and potential of diverse human resources and realize "the most admired company in Japan" where everyone can play an active role.

To be a company where diverse human resources can play an active role

In order to achieve our vision of becoming "the most admired company in Japan," we must be a company where a diverse range of human resources can play an active role.

Under the management philosophy of " delivers “fulfilling, enjoyable and pleasant” lifestyles in the world., we have a vision of being "the most admired company in Japan".
Our definition of "the most admired company in Japan" is to have the best performance and growth potential in the industry, and to be benchmarked by other companies and each employee takes pride in his or her profession and in the company to which they belong.
In order to become a leading company with strong influence to change the industry, it is necessary to create a company that can survive forever by steadily increasing its performance through speedy business expansion.
We believe that the most important management resource for building a stable management base and a strong organization is "human resources. By recognizing diversity and allowing everyone to maximize their abilities, both people and the organization can grow further. This is the diversity management of KI, who aims to be "the most admired company in Japan.”

Aiming for Diversity Management

In order to act as a leading company in the industry and to innovate in a variety of situations, it is essential to promote diversity management, in which each and every employee with different backgrounds, including age, gender, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, and faith, brings a variety of perspectives and fully exercises his/her abilities to build an inclusive organization and create the maximum value.

In promoting diversity management, the Diversity Promotion Office, established in 2017 under the direct control of the President's Office, will take the lead in proactively improving internal systems and the workplace environment to provide job satisfaction.

Activity Results

In FY2020, we introduced Kinkyori Work and remote customer service systems to support women's activities in the neighboring area to enable diverse work styles. Details of our activities can be found below.

FY2020 FY2019

Diversity Promotion Action Guidelines

In order to realize diversity and inclusion, we create an environment in which various human resources can play an active role, work for a long time, and continue to shine, strive to achieve the same "enhancement of corporate value" and "pursuit of job satisfaction for all employees", and "innovation.”

Diversity Promotion Action Guidelines

Achieving Diversity and InclusionThree Key Issues

  • Promotion of women's activities
    We will assign personnel in a manner that maximizes the strengths of each individual, without being constrained by gender or age role divisions.
  • Work-style reform
    We will proactively develop a work-life balance that allows everyone to work vigorously while respecting and not being influenced by all life events.
  • Creating Job Satisfaction
    We will strive to create a system that allows our employees to feel the joy of working and to become a company that our employees can be proud of, through our community contribution activities and corporate value creation.
Future Priority Issues
  • Sexual minority and LGBTQ environment
  • Promotion of foreign human resources
  • Promotion and support of human resources with disabilities
  • Promoting male participation in childcare

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

By promoting the creation of an organization that makes the most of individual diversity, we are working to enable our employees to fully demonstrate their abilities and shine with vitality.

Promotion of women's activities

We have established and are steadily implementing specific policies and promotion systems to enable women to play an active role in all areas of our business.
The Action Plan on Promotion of Women's Advancement and the Database of Companies Promoting Women's Advancement are available below.

General Business Owner Action Plan

You can find our information on the following website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Promotion of Challenged (Persons with Disabilities)

Our goal is for all people, with or without disabilities, to have the opportunity to work to the best of their abilities.The activities of the KI Challenged Athlete Team, established in 2019, can be found below.

KI Challenged Athlete Team

At KI Farm, employees with disabilities are engaged in farm work, from planting seeds to harvesting, to create joy and satisfaction in their work and to coexist with the local community.

KI Farm
Active promotion of foreigners

We have created a comfortable working environment for foreign workers, including the development of a working environment in which they can continue to demonstrate their abilities as an important asset, and we are also actively engaged in recruitment activities.

Recognition of Outstanding Foreigner Construction Laborers

Initiatives Related to Workplace Reform

In FY2020, we have promoted reforms such as the introduction of the Kinkyori Work and remote customer service systems as part of our efforts to reform the way we work. The latest activity report is available below.

Activity Report for FY2020

Initiatives for Employee Satisfaction

We are also promoting initiatives to create a rewarding workplace so that each and every employee can be proud of his or her workplace and work to lead a "happy, comfortable, and pleasant" life. The following is a list of programs that allow you to choose and realize diverse ways of life.

KEIAI's Human Resource System

Diversity Promotion Office History

  • 2013
    ・Ranked among the "Best 35 Best Companies to Work for" in Japan (2013) "First in the real estate industry and first company in Saitama Prefecture".
  • 2014
    ・Ranked among the "Best Companies to Work for" in Japan 2014 for the second year in a row (26th in the medium-sized category).
  • In 2015
    ・The "Law for the Promotion of Women's Activities" goes into effect, and the promotion of women's activities goes into full swing.
    ・Certified as a "Kurumin" childcare support company by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
    ・Establishment of women's consultation counter
    ・Ranked in the 2015 edition of "Best Workplaces to Work" in Japan for the third consecutive year (22nd in the medium-sized category).
  • 2016
    ・"K-Jo Mirai Project" launched as a project to promote women's success in the real estate industry.
    Aiming to be "No. 1 in the real estate industry in terms of women's activities
    K-Jo Mirai Project
  • 2017
    Diversity Promotion Office established directly under the President's Office.
    Realization of "a workplace where all people are equal, diversity is respected, and people can continue to work with brilliance for a long time".
    ・Certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as an "Eruboshi" company that promotes women's activities.
    women are active
  • 2019
    ・Selected as a "Nadeshiko Stock" by the TSE and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
    ・Introduced a 2-day workweek system.
    ・Saitama Prefecture "Platinum +" certification for companies practicing diverse work styles.
    ・Received "Excellent Foreign Construction Worker Award" from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
    NADESHIKO2019 Companies practicing diverse work styles
  • 2020
    ・Selected by TSE and METI as a "Nadeshiko Brand" for two consecutive years.
    ・Received "Excellent Foreign Construction Worker Award" from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for two consecutive years.
    ・Ranked for the fourth time in the "Best Workplaces to Work" ranking in Japan for the year 2020 (56th place in the medium-sized category).
    NADESHIKO2020 Best Workplaces2020
  • 2021
    ・Selected as one of the "100 New Diversity Management Companies" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
    ・Ranked for the fifth time in the 2021 edition of "Best Workplaces to Work" in Japan (23rd in the Large Scale category).
    ・Received the 16th Saitama Shine Ogino Ginko Award in the "Lively Workplace" category.
    DIVERSITY2021 Best Workplaces2021 Best Workplaces2021 in Saitama