Supply Chain & Partnership

Our Approach to Supply Chain

With the mission of "House ownership for everyone," we provide high quality, low-cost design homes.
To achieve "high quality and low cost," it is necessary to eliminate all unnecessary cost at each stage of the supply chain and to keep costs low while maintaining quality.
We follow the following basic principles in our purchasing operations to achieve systematic and rational purchasing activities and to build sustainable relationships with our partners.

Supply Chain Management

The KI Group's active involvement in the “end to end” supply chain system enables us to strictly control costs, quality, quantity, and delivery times.
For example, in the case of structural materials for wooden houses, we cooperate extensively with the forestry industry that manage forests, overseas timber manufacturers, sawmillers, timber trading companies, and others.
We manage the supply volume and costs to pre-cut processors.
In the case of procurement of building materials, we also collaborate with manufacturers located upstream in the supply chain to establish a system that simplifies the work of builders after delivery for processing.
On the other hand, stable procurement activities are important for sustainable housing supply.
As part of our efforts to realize stable procurement, we regularly share our purchasing policy, which is based on our corporate management plan, with our suppliers.
We are also striving to ensure stable transaction volume for our suppliers.

Our Approach to Partnerships

The housing business in which we are engaged is built on trust and relationships with various partners and business partners, including material manufacturers, lumber dealers, and construction stores.
We believe that building long-term relationships with our partners is the foundation for sustainable business activities, and we aim to realize profits for both parties rather than pursuing short-term profits for ourselves.
We consider our company and our partners as one team, and we work together to create value on a sustainable basis by improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Initiatives of the Japan Wood-Housing Association

KI-STAR Real Estate views social issues such as the stable supply of domestic timber and the revitalization of Japan's forest industry as management issues.
We have established the Japan Association of Wooden Houses for Sale with companies that share this belief, and aim to solve these issues based on partnerships.
<Purpose of Establishment of the Association>
1. To contribute to the dissemination of high-quality, safe wooden houses and to the sound development of the wooden spec home industry
2. To contribute to the maintenance and restoration of the multifaceted functions of domestic forests (greenhouse gas reduction, water source recharge, and biodiversity conservation) by promoting the use of domestic timber in wood-frame houses for sale.

Compliance initiatives for subcontractors

We will comply with all laws and regulations related to procurement and labor practices.
We will prohibit discrimination, harassment, inhumane or unfair trade practices, child labor, and forced labor against employees of our company and our business partners.
We will strive to pay appropriate wages, manage working hours, and respect human rights.
In addition, we have substituted AI for compliance checks by our subcontractors to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and wastefulness of the check process.