Our Business

We provide community-based,diversified services as a general real estate company.

As a community-based general real estate company, we provide diversified services in the nine prefectures in the Kanto region.We build houses in pursuit of originality and quality that satisfy increasingly diverse needs and lifestyles as well as the characteristics of individual areas. We build designer houses that combine function and aesthetics as well as high-quality affordable housing and condominiums, and provide after-sales services and a wide range of other services as well as brand development.This affords us the advantage of our various resources as a housing manufacturer, builder, producer and broker for satisfying any and all needs concerning homebuilding.

Our comprehensive system covers the entire process,from land acquisition to renovations and wholesaling.

A family’s home is the setting for their life, the place where their happiness grows.It is also their most treasured asset.We believe that homebuilding is building the foundations of our customers’ lives, which is why we deploy a “Total Accountability System” to provide a sense of security that lasts past the purchase and move-in. In addition to the homebuilding process—which starts with acquiring and developing land and encompasses planning, construction and selling—we provide after services, perform renovations, and offer wholesaling and other services after customers move in.For detached housing, we work with all housing brands. This allows us to take full responsibility for communicating with customers and managing progress and quality from start to finish, and to provide prompt, detailed services.Our “Total Accountability System” is the driving force behind the “Made by KI” advantage.