Contributions to Society

KI Challenged Athlete Team was launched in April 2019. Through the employment of athletes with disabilities, the team conducts para-sports support activities.We also participate in and plan events in cooperation with local government and educational institutions to contribute to the local community and raise awareness of para-sports.

Contributions to the Community

  • 【Sponsorship of the 21st - 24th Honjo Waseda no Mori Cross Country & Half Marathon】

    The Cross Country & Half Marathon held at Honjo Sogo Park on the same day is a rare event of its kind in Japan. This is an event that can be enjoyed by a wide range of citizens, from adults to children, on a course rich in nature that has been called the best in the northern Kanto region.

  • 【2019 "K.I. Stadium" naming rights acquired】

    We acquired the naming rights to the Honjo Sogo Park Municipal Baseball Stadium as "Honjo City's first naming rights". We will engage in emotional education for children and community contribution activities through sports.

  • The 4th KEIAI Charity Cup

    【The 4th KEIAI Charity Cup】

    The 4th KEIAI Charity Cup sponsored by Honjo City Junior Soccer Federation. Sixteen teams from Honjo Kodama-gun participated in the tournament, and the cold weather was blown away by the fierce competition.
    ※Proceeds from the bake sale during the two-day tournament were donated to the "Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Fund" and the "2008 Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund" through the Honjo City Welfare Council.

Sports Promotion

  • Honjo Kodama County Mini Basketball Federation Cup & KEIAI Cup

    【Honjo Kodama County Mini Basketball Federation Cup & KEIAI Cup】

    A total of 13 elementary school teams, 6 boys and 7 girls, from Honjo City and the neighboring Kodama County, participated in the tournament. On the day of the tournament, heated league matches were played. A free throw competition was also held, with teams competing for the championship by grade and gender.

  • 【Official sponsor of wheelchair basketball team "No Excuse"】

    Our company will work together with the wheelchair basketball team "No Excuse" to become "No.1 in Japan". Through wheelchair basketball, we will support activities to realize a symbiotic society while learning the importance of challenge, fun and diversity.

  • 【Official partner of Saitama Deaf Women's Futsal Team "Alegrina"】

    Uniform sponsorship agreement with Alegrena, Saitama Prefecture's soccer club for the hearing impaired. We support the club's vision and philosophy of "symbiosis", which is to build and develop cooperative relationships with local communities, people with disabilities, businesses, public services, and others.

  • 【Japan Soccer Association for the Deaf Gold Sponsor】

    In support of JDFA's (Japan Deaf Football Association) vision "to realize a society where the hearing impaired and able-bodied people mix together as a matter of course through Deaf Soccer and Futsal", we became a Gold Sponsor to deepen understanding of sports for the hearing impaired both within and outside the company.

  • 【The 1st Wheelchair Basketball Tournament KEIAI Cup Organizer】

    We hosted our first para-sports tournament (wheelchair basketball) in the city of Honjo Kodama-gun. Four strong teams from all over Japan participated in the two-day tournament. During the tournament, a wheelchair basketball experience event (free throw competition) was also held, and citizens joined the players in enjoying para-sports.

Educational Activities

  • 2018 - “Real Experience Classroom” hosted by Saitama Prefecture

    【2018 - "Real Experience Classroom" hosted by Saitama Prefecture】

    We support the "Saitama Prefecture Yumeno Kakehashi Classroom Challenge Junior Development Project" implemented by Saitama Prefecture as part of its "Youth Sound Development Policy". Work experience class "I want to be an architectural designer! Our architectural designers and construction site supervisors cooperate as lecturers at the "I want to be an architectural designer!

  • Parasports Experience Classroom

    【Parasports Experience Classroom】

    A para-sports experience class by the KI Challenged Athletes team. By actually riding in a wheelchair and experiencing simulated hearing disabilities, participants will gain new enjoyment from sports and a deeper understanding of people with disabilities and disabilities, with the aim of realizing a symbiotic society.