Environmental Preservation

Use of domestic timber~Participated in the launch of the Japan Wood - Housing Association~

In April 2021, we joined with SANEI Architecture Planning Co., Ltd. and Open House Group Co., LTD. to launch the Japan Association of Wooden Houses for Sale in order to promote the spread of high-quality, safe wooden houses and the use of domestic timber in housing construction. Through the use of domestic timber, we aim to solve Japan's forest and environmental problems, establish a sustainable and developmental cycle, and maintain and restore the multifaceted functions of domestic forests (greenhouse gas reduction, water source recharge, and biodiversity conservation).

Use of domestic timber in IKI

Starting with orders received in April 2021, we will use 100% domestic timber for the structural materials of standard one-story custom-built IKI houses. In addition, we use locally grown cypress wood from Ibaraki, Tochigi, and other prefectures for our optional wooden deck, which reduces fuel consumption during transportation and contributes to sustainability.

Promotion of renewable energy use

IKI standard equipment

The use of renewable energy is a major key to achieving a decarbonized society. In the residential sector, setting target values for photovoltaic power generation systems in new homes is under consideration.In addition to offering solar power generation as an option for our spec homes for sale, we also offer a plan as a standard specification for our standard custom-built IKI homes, which uses a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) system in cooperation with an electric power company to easily start solar power generation with no initial cost. In addition, we offer a plan as a standard specification for IKI standard custom-built homes, which allows customers to easily start solar power generation at no initial cost by utilizing the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) mechanism in cooperation with electric power companies.

Hazardous Substance Management

safety seat

We properly manage and dispose of hazardous substances in accordance with various laws and regulations.