Sustainability Initiatives

Toward the creation of "abundance, comfort, and pleasure" for all stakeholders

KI-STAR Real Estate Co., Ltd. was founded in November 1990. Since then, we have been engaged in various businesses related to real estate and construction. The company was listed on the Tokyo stock exchange in 2015 and has grown to become the No. 1 housing provider in the build for sale housing market as the entire group.

Our management philosophy, "We are a “YU TA KA” creation company that delivers “fulfilling, enjoyable and pleasant” lifestyles in the world. Expresses our wish to be a company that makes everyone involved "fulfilling, enjoyable and pleasant.

The Diversity Promotion Office, established in 2017, has been working on various measures to realize diverse work styles for diversity of human resources without distinction of gender, nationality, or disabilities, and has been recognized by winning the "100 Diversity Management Companies in Japan" and "Nadeshiko Stock Awards”.
In 2021, we expanded this organization and established the Sustainability Promotion Office and Sustainability Committee for the next step. We will work on various ESG issues for sustainable business growth, improve internal governance, solve social issues in Japan and overseas, respond to environmental issues, and maintain and improve compliance with human rights issues.

First, we established the "KI Sustainability Policy, "which serves as the basis for our sustainability initiatives. With our management philosophy of "Delivering fulfilling, enjoyable and pleasant lifestyles in the world” and our mission of "House Ownership for everyone" at the center, we aim for sustainable development by turning the gears of human and organizational development, business models, and continuous improvement of corporate value.

KI-Star group will enhance its corporate value by strongly promoting sustainability management, which contributes to the creation of a sustainable and prosperous society through the creation of a living environment where people can live happily, by proactively addressing all social issues globally.