Our Approach to Compliance

As a company that provides community-based housing and living environments, we will fulfill our social responsibilities, comply with laws and regulations, and promote compliance management in accordance with corporate ethics. The Group, its officers and employees will practice the basic stance of the "Basic Compliance Policy," the "Corporate Standards of Conduct," and the "KI CREDO," a set of guidelines for the behavior of officers and employees, aiming to be a corporate group trusted by all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, business partners, local communities, and employees.

Our Approach to Anti-Corruption

The Company has established the following rules and reporting system for the purpose of early detection and correction of misconduct, etc., and to contribute to the strengthening of compliance management by establishing a system for proper handling of ordinary or consultation regarding organizational or individual violations of laws and regulations by employees and others.

Basic Policy on Elimination of Antisocial Forces

Supply Chain & Partnership

Whistleblower Regulations
We have established internal and external contact points to report and appropriately handle any illegal, improper, or unethical acts by individuals or organizations.

Employee Training

We raise awareness of compliance through training by job level, the KI Academy, and internal training for new employees, and regularly disseminate information on the president's blog and at company-wide morning meetings. In addition, a Compliance Self-Assessment Inspection is conducted once a year for all employees.

Respect for Human Rights

Our "Basic Compliance Policy" stipulates respect for human rights. Each and every one of us respects the human rights of those with whom we interact, and we strive to create an open workplace where people can work with peace of mind. The "Corporate Code of Conduct" also clearly states our respect for human rights as follows.

II-06 Corporate Standards of Conduct
Chapter 4 Article 16 (Respect for Fundamental Human Rights) The company shall respect the fundamental human rights of its employees and shall not discriminate in treatment based on human rights, nationality, ideology, religion, mental or physical disability, age, gender, or any other reason unrelated to the performance of work.