Human Resource Systems and Work Styles

We assign personnel in a way that maximizes the strengths of each individual, without being constrained by gender, age, race, or other divisions of roles.
In addition, we are actively promoting and maintaining a life-work balance that allows everyone to work vigorously while respecting the life events of each individual.

Systems to improve and revitalize organizational capabilities

  • Credo


    KEIAI's philosophy, vision, code of conduct and creed. Always carry a credo card with you, and employees are required to chant it during the morning meeting every morning.
    This is an important starting point that serves as a basis for when they are unsure of their decisions.

  • Conferences and ZOOM morning meetings

    Conferences and ZOOM morning meetings

    We hold a general conference once a quarter and a zoom morning meeting twice a month.
    At the conference, employees who have achieved outstanding results are recognized.

  • Various Recognition

    Awards will be presented to employees who have achieved outstanding results, regardless of their job title, whether in the sales, indirect, or advisory departments.
    Opportunities to receive awards for any type of work are available, which motivates our employees.

  • Philosophy Commendation

    Philosophy Commendation

    The award is presented at the semi-annual conference (plenary session) to employees who are fulfilling KEIAI's philosophy of "Abundance, Ease, and Pleasure".
    It is considered the most prestigious award at KEIAI.
    Surprise messages of congratulations from the department and letters from family members are read, and the venue is enveloped in a whirlpool of emotion.

  • Founding Ceremony

    Founding Ceremony

    The anniversary party is held every few years to celebrate the anniversary of the company's founding on November 27, and is held for all employees.
    The party is held in a large venue that can accommodate several hundred people at once.

  • Coming of Age Ceremony

    Coming of Age Ceremony

    A celebration held to commemorate the coming of age of employees hired as high school graduates. Souvenirs and bouquets of flowers are presented, and colleagues from related departments are also invited to the party.
    The "Declaration of Commitment" made by the new employees is an annual tradition.

  • New Graduate Interns

    New Graduate Interns

    We accept interns every year under the slogan "Yarikiru Chikara" (the power to do things).
    Many non-human resources employees also participate, providing an opportunity to seriously consider the meaning and purpose of work together with students.

Systems to Support Human Resource Growth

  • Five Star System

    "Five Star" is a title given to the top players who boldly push their limits throughout the year and achieve remarkable results.
    Employees who are selected as Five Stars receive a trophy, the highest honor, and an annual star allowance.

  • Hierarchy-specific training

    Hierarchy-specific training

    Training will be conducted for each position, such as general manager, section manager, and supervisor.
    Participants learn the skills and attitudes required for each position and participate in group discussions.

  • Training for employees who have been offered jobs

    Training for employees who have been offered jobs

    A training program for college graduates to raise their awareness as KEIAI employees before joining the company.
    Programs to develop the next generation of leaders will be implemented.

  • New employee training

    This training program is offered to new graduates in their first year of employment and continues through the second year of new employment.
    The program is designed to help them reflect on their own "attitude toward work and its significance," and to develop human resources who will be responsible for KI's future.

  • KEIAI Academy

    This is a training course for all mid-career employees.
    Participants will experience our company's "Philosophy, Vision, and Mission" and learn basic knowledge of real estate and construction, as well as practice exercises.
    Through the training, we aim to foster bonds with peers and improve team and organizational skills.

  • Base-up training

    This is a training course on compliance for all employees in the sales and production divisions, conducted by an outside instructor.
    The program provides a basic introduction to the various laws and regulations required for real estate and construction, and fosters an awareness of legal compliance among employees.

  • Mentor System and Mentor Training

    Mentor System and Mentor Training

    One senior employee is assigned to each new employee to provide one-on-one guidance.
    Mentor training is provided to employees who become mentors to learn about their role as a mentor and how to be a mentor, to promote the growth of both mentor and mentee, and to improve the organization's capabilities.

  • FA system

    FA system

    We promote smooth job rotations and shape the careers of our employees.

  • Summer Campaign / New Year Campaign

    Twice a year, employees compete in a heated competition to achieve the commitments they have made to themselves.
    Teams and individuals who achieve their goals are rewarded and recognized.

  • Qualification Allowance

    An allowance granted to employees who possess the relevant qualifications specified by KI.
    In particular, KI encourages employees to acquire qualifications, such as introducing them to affiliated schools when they seek to become licensed as building lots and building traders.

  • In-house SNS "Keimaruko"

    The employee-only SNS application provides a chat function, an announcement function, and a bulletin board function.
    Employees can check the latest press releases and announcements from each department, and employees located in different parts of the country can keep track of company activities here.

  • Training for Young Employees

    In order to create an organization and environment where all kinds of human resources can play an active role, we regularly conduct training programs for middle managers.
    We provide specific and practical training programs on how to train employees of different generations and genders, which is said to be the most common concern of middle managers, as well as on team building methods.

  • Craftsman Training

    Craftsman Training

    Amid concerns about a serious shortage of craftsmen, KI is focusing on training craftsmen (in-house carpenters).
    We have established our own in-house Craftsman Training Center and are accepting not only domestic personnel but also many overseas personnel to promote the activities of foreign nationals.

How KI works

  • Telecommuting

    In the case of childcare, the employee may work from home until the child completes the third grade of elementary school.
    (only in certain divisions) It can also be used for reasons such as nursing care, pregnancy, etc.

  • Staggered Shorter Working Hours System

    In the case of childcare, this system allows employees to stagger their arrival and departure times in increments of 30 minutes to two hours before or after working hours until the child completes the sixth grade of elementary school.
    Under the same conditions, employees may also work shorter hours within a range of 30 minutes to 2 hours.
    The maximum period for nursing care is one year. This system is also available for pregnancy.

  • System of office organization

    System of office organization

    KEIAI's job classification system. This system allows employees to choose the position that best suits their needs, including career-track positions that aim for management positions, area-track positions that aim for management positions but are exempt from transfers that require relocation, and general positions that do not require relocation.

  • Personnel rating system

    Personnel rating system

    "Career Design Sheet" to request a change of department.
    After reviewing the half-year and conducting a self-evaluation, the employee's bonus will be determined based on his/her supervisor's evaluation (Personnel Evaluation).
    Submit a "Goal Setting Sheet" to the company to determine your goals for the half-year after meeting with your supervisor.

  • Celebrate the sympathy system

    Celebrate the sympathy system

    The company provides congratulatory money for marriage, childbirth, etc.

  • Maternity and paternity leave system

    Maternity and paternity leave system

    Employees may take 6 weeks (14 weeks in the case of multiple pregnancies) before childbirth and 8 weeks after childbirth as maternity leave.
    Upon request of the employee's doctor's guidance during pregnancy, the employee may request a change in commuting time (up to one hour), necessary rest during pregnancy, or leave of absence.
    After childbirth, employees may take childcare leave until the child turns one year old.

  • Nursing care leave system

    Nursing care leave system

    If a family member requires nursing care, the employee caring for the family member may take a total of 93 days of nursing care leave.

  • Women's Concerns

    Women's Concerns

    Female employees are available through a women-only consultation service for concerns.
    There is also a hotline where all employees can consult.

  • Housing Purchase Allowance

    Housing Purchase Allowance

    Allowance provided by the company for the purchase of a KEIAI home.

  • In-house part-time job "Kakemocchi"

    In-house part-time job system that can be done in our employees' spare time

    Press release article

  • Introduction of company-led nursery schools

    A company-led daycare center for children up to 3 years old for employees who have difficulty returning to work after childcare leave due to a lack of available daycare centers.
    There are 85 locations in 47 prefectures in Japan, so you can go to a daycare center near your place of residence.